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Are you among the 22 million adults in America who live with obstructive sleep apnea? If you suffer from loud chronic snoring and deal with daytime fatigue, The Art of Dentistry and Spa has the solutions you need. We provide more than just general dentistry. We offer the personalized treatments you need for sleep apnea in order to help you breathe better.


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Sleep Apnea Therapy


A CPAP is the most traditional treatment for sleep apnea. A machine delivers a steady stream of air through a mask worn over your mouth or nose. The gentle pressure helps keep your airways open to maintain your oxygen levels.

Deep Cleaning

Now, many patients prefer oral appliance therapy as an alternative to a CPAP. A custom-fit device repositions your jaw forward to prevent your soft tissues from blocking your airways to reduce pauses in breathing.

Combined Treatment

In some cases, you may benefit from a combination of both treatments. This is often recommended for those who have severe cases of the condition or those who are having a difficult time adjusting to a CPAP.

What is Sleep Apnea?

Sleep apnea is a disorder that makes you to stop breathing frequently throughout the night, reducing the oxygen necessary for your health. The most common cause of the condition is from an obstruction in your airway. The soft tissues in the back of your mouth and throat collapse while you sleep. This not only causes loud snoring, but it will also make you stop breathing. Each interruption can last for as long as one minute with several hundred occurring each night.

Breathe Better Today!

Do not let sleep apnea keep you awake at night. The Art of Dentistry and Spa has the solutions you need to sleep soundly. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation for sleep apnea therapy.

Why The Art of Dentistry and Spa?


Modern Facility

The Art of Dentistry and Spa’s modern facility boasts the latest technology and is designed with patients in mind. We embrace innovation and always look for ways to better treat our patients.


Spa Treatments

Treasure the peace of mind in a garden oasis as you join Michele and Nancy with gentle yoga and guided meditation. This vinyasa style yoga links conscious breath with postures to form a continuous, mindful flow.

Holistic Approach

We are dedicated to providing our patients with mercury-free restorations as a standard of care. We never use mercury in any of our restorations, ever. Find out more about our safe Mercury Amalgam removal procedures (S.M.A.R.T.).

Meet Our Doctors

With over 50 years combined experience, our Doctors are committed to giving our patients the best care and a great smile.

Devon Berry


I believe that every time you smile, it’s a gift to others. By having a focus on oral health, function, aesthetics and continuing education, creating beautiful smiles is an everyday occurrence. The benefit of transforming smiles, comfortably and affordably, is simply astounding. The payback goes right to the heart.

Bruce Roland


Dentistry is a perfect profession for a kid who started planning his career path at a young age. By the time I was eight, I had already considered being a cowboy, an astronaut, and the President.

Dean Chencharik


From an early age, I knew that my career path would be reliant upon my creativity and compassion for others. Nothing compares to the satisfaction I get from dentistry and knowing that my skills contributed to an esthetic and functional smile, a happy and healthy patient, and a job well done.

Dr. Gerri Blick


Dr. Gerri Blick graduated Magna Cum Laude from Syracuse University where she received a BS in Psychology and minor in Biology.

After graduating dental school at The University of Connecticut, she went on to New York Presbyterian-Brooklyn Methodist Hospital where she completed her General Practice Residency as a Chief Resident.

Dr. Paul George






Combined Years
of Experience








Outstanding, Personal Care

Michele explained everything, made sure I was comfortable, and made a personal connection that made the time pass during my deep scaling.

– Jennifer S.

Great Service

Could not be happier with my experience with Dr. Berry – he was able to get me in and fix my tooth; no pain -in my particular case, I did not even need a shot!

– Peter F.

A Great Visit

The atmosphere is relaxing. The dentists and hygienists are the best. They are amazing. The dental experience takes on a new meaning for me. I no longer fear going to the dentist.

– Wendy E.

The atmosphere is beautiful and relaxing.

From the minute you walk in you feel relaxed and confident that you will get excellent service. My massage therapist, Nancy, always made sure that I was comfortable and I never felt rushed. A very relaxing and positive experience.

– Kathy B.

Exceptional Team and Service

I urgently needed to have a chipped tooth repaired. They were able to fit me in the next day and do a great job. The dentists and staff are always friendly and professional. No more fear of going to the dentist!

– Rita O.

Absolutely Amazing!

I have been going to The Art of Dentistry for years and I can not say enough about this group. I have had numerous dental issues due to a fall years ago. They have gone above and beyond for me and my smile.

– Beth W.

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